And then there was Khadijah☮

Words can't describe me.

Let me free you. (poem)


I created a vivid imagination of a canvas that I could lay your body on while I think of a poem that mimics the curves of your body, if I licked between your thighs with the right stroke of the tongue what words could I jot down?, the moans that speak from your soul when my energetic vibrations…

“ She is not a muse,
Mere meditation
Her movements are conversations
An abstract blend of feminine, rhetoric
A rhythm,
If you can dig this
Can dance to.
To crave intimacy is to crave her
As we absorb her aesthetics
And, swim the waves of her poetics and flux
Contouring sounds and shapes,
As she kisses the earth
Licking bodies that give into her
With a salted tongue tasting sweet flesh
A rapturous exchange of energy
She is open like the Universe
And all the spaces she left are empty
Simply, to be filled with our quiet longings
Wanting to feel whole, again
Thirsting for a raw nostalgia
She is movement in the mind
With the sky by her side
If vision were tilted
By a million pairs of eyes
She swallows the moon each morning
With Aurora, now reflecting every inch of her aura
Her waters burning with tinges of reds, yellows and golds
Souls open up
From root to crown
She is a plethora of sounds crashing softly
Whispering, “learn me softly”
Overwhelming ears with an intense familiar
She is not a muse
We must submerge ourselves in all her divinity
Like going back into the womb
Divining deep beneath the essence
Our genesis is in the water
And on our skin she is drawing a map
-Soneia ”

—    musings: Yemaya  (via soneia)

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Travel Etiquette © // New Orleans • Visiting @billy_reid store in NOLA • #traveletiquette #followyournola (at Billy Reid New Orleans)


Even though I’m undoubtedly a mixture of Lynn and Joan, Tony is my favourite Girlfriend.

“ Of course I miss you. I can feel my heart break a little more every day I’m not with you. ”

—    Things I can’t tell you anymore - erica-s-diary (via jennayliu)

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